Based in West Yorkshire, Graeme is a creative filmmaker pursuing solutions to visual and narrative challenges with flair and passion. He believes in making films with something new to say that will inspire audiences; films that nobody else is making, that people want to see. His approach is about being positive, compassionate, direct and productive. He seeks to create environments where people feel they can give their best by balancing leadership and collaborative skills. Working in the independent sector, he can bring energy and experience to bear on telling stories that are fresh and moving.
Awareness of the changes that digital or social innovations bring is critical to working in the moving image industry today. Graeme thinks it's important to remain curious and keep an open mind to take advantage of the changing territory. He is versatile enough to turn his hand to anything in the moving image discipline. Particularly good at managing locations and cast, writing treatments/schedules/call sheets and operating cameras or sound equipment.
Graeme is a member of Shooting People, BECTU and Raindance. His first short film credit, The Payoff, earned an official selection accolade at the 2010 Seven Arts Film Festival. His graduation short, Like Nobody's Watching, has been screened at Kinofest 2010 in Bucharest. He has worked closely with arts organizations such as Theatre Royal Wakefield to produce moving image promotional work and he collaborates regularly with accomplished fellow filmmakers, James Wall and Mark Braithwaite.
Important influences to Graeme's filmmaking come from Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott and David Lynch. Writers Roald Dahl, Dennis Potter and Philip K Dick are greatly admired too, making Bladerunner a shoe-in for favourite film. Apocalypse Now, American Beauty, California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit) and Pulp Fiction are close contenders for the title, however.
Graeme's son, Lucas was born in the summer of 2010. Little does he know as he squirms for his next bottle of milk that he will probably form an integral part of the storytelling machine in the years to come. Graeme is also a first rate speller but wishes he was good at something useful instead. Like acting. Or fixing cars.