Monday 9 August 2010


On the 3rd August at 2:23 am my partner Rachael and I were joined by a little bundle. Lucas Thomas Leslie weighed 6lb 10 at birth and took the long way round to get here. He was slightly earlier than expected but made up for that by spending 6 days telling mummy he was on the way!
It's been an eventful few weeks as the beginning of July saw us move into a new home in Walton, Wakefield. As I had pointed out to me, that's the two single most stressful life events crammed into the space of a month!
So far I think Lucas and I are hitting it off ok. He spends a lot of time snoozing on my chest with me staring at him, wondering how he could be any more perfect. He's inspired my adaptation of the old fairy tale - Handsome and Gretel. Not as the model for a character but as a kind of muse. With any luck he will inspire much more storytelling that I can share with you, the viewer.


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