Wednesday 27 October 2010

Like Nobody's Watching gets its laurels

I found out at the weekend that my graduation short has been accepted to an international film festival and I'm chuffed to bits! I've been entering Like Nobody's Watching into a fairly extensive selection of festivals and this is the first acceptance I've had. I must admit I've been a bit disappointed about this as I assumed it would be a shoe-in at quite a few of the minor festivals in the UK. I suppose there must be a very high standard being submitted these days (with the abundance of affordable means of production) and there's no way of knowing whether the festivals to which I've submitted have an agenda or theme.
Kinofest in Bucharest has been running since 2007. It is Romania's first digital film festival and it aims to cultivate and promote young(?!?) filmmakers as well as an interest in independent film among the general public. Like Nobody's Watching will screen on 3rd November between 21:15 and 23:00 at MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art) in Bucharest.
I have written before about the burgeoning independent film industry in Romania. Many new directors coming out of the country are very highly regarded on the international circuit. I have my own favourites but they are getting recognition at major festivals such as Cannes as well. A rich vein of creativity is being unearthed in a nation with unique and powerful stories to tell. It's clear that the talent available will make Romania an attractive destination for filmmakers looking for high quality affordable production facilities and locations in the future.
The only disappointment for me is that, because it is such short notice, I will be unable to attend the screening. A big shame for me as I would have relished the opportunity to strengthen the links I already have with the country and to forge new ones in the film industry there. I wish all the best to the festival and its director Valentin Partenie and urge anyone who can to support it. 


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